Open Source Libraries used in Jetzy

  • Facebook Sdk
  • Twitter4j 4.0.2
  • Signpost-core:
  • Signpost-commonshttp4:
  • Soundcloud android-crop:0.9.10
  • Quickblox-android-sdk-core-2.1
  • Quickblox-android-sdk-location-2.1
  • Io.nlopez.clusterer :library:1.0.4
  • HockeySDK:3.5.0-b.4
  • Quickblox-android-sdk-messages-2.1
  • Quickblox-android-sdk-content-2.1
  • Android-viewbadger
  • Flurl
  • Marvin.JsonPatch
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • Ninject
  • Openstacknet
  • PushSharp
  • Image Resizer

Technology Partner : ICREON Tech

Icreon is a technology strategy & platform development firm. Founded in 2000, Icreon has over 15 years of experience in building immersive technology ecosystems. The company is best known for building mobile, web & connected experiences in multiple industries, partnering with the world's smartest business leaders, entrepreneurs & growing businesses. Working with clients like National Geographic Channel, Fox Traveller, the New York City Marathon & Playbill – the travel, tourism & social connectivity space runs deep in Icreon's veins. Today, with presences in North America, Europe, Africa & Asia – the global technology firm focuses on bringing its expertise in strategy, engineering & design to tomorrow's business models.