About The App

Jetzy is the world's first geo location based social app to connect travelers and locals and give free travel rewards for simply using the app. Chatting, posting images, bringing friends to the app, etc., gives you JetPoints that can be redeemed for exciting rewards ranging from spa vouchers or dinner for two to free trips to Tahiti or Malaysia.

  • Chat or meet with people around you who have similar interests
  • Get recommendations for hidden gems
  • Make new friends around the world
  • Find out what others are doing in your area
  • Share geo-located photos
  • Find other people according to your interests

Our Mission:
Connect Travelers and Locals, location-wise, in real time, with direct user-to-user connections.

  • Travel like a local
  • Earn free rewards
  • Meet new people
  • Immerse in a culture
  • Follow your passions
  • Have global reach
  • Travel on your terms
  • Get instant gratification

Jetzy Rewards Program
Get social. Get points. Win FREE travel and other cool stuff! This is how you get points on Jetzy.

Main App Activities:
1. Joining

  • Self Joining: 1000 points for initial sign up
  • Refer a Friend (with a sign up code sent via FB or IG or Directly)
    • Friend that joins from the referral gets: 100 points initial sign up + 10 points bonus
    • Referring person gets 10 points

2. Posting/Sharing to Instagram & Facebook from App

  • Promote to FB or IG about Joining TC: 100 points.
  • Once promotion per week allowed for points.

3. Posting Photos in-app

  • Post photo to Moments: 1 point

4. Connecting via text, voice of or video

  • Each “Session” (session = communication activity: text, voice call or video call) within a 24 hour period: 1 point per session

Bonus Points will be given based upon the following use milestones. When a bonus is achieved a notification will be automatically generated for redemption:

  • Sign up 10 friends (via code) = 100 point bonus
  • Sign up 100 friends (via code) = 1000 point bonus
  • Post 500 photos = 500 point bonus
  • Every 100 connection sessions = 10 point bonus

Technology Partner : ICREON Tech

Icreon is a technology strategy & platform development firm. Founded in 2000, Icreon has over 15 years of experience in building immersive technology ecosystems. The company is best known for building mobile, web & connected experiences in multiple industries, partnering with the world's smartest business leaders, entrepreneurs & growing businesses. Working with clients like National Geographic Channel, Fox Traveller, the New York City Marathon & Playbill – the travel, tourism & social connectivity space runs deep in Icreon's veins. Today, with presences in North America, Europe, Africa & Asia – the global technology firm focuses on bringing its expertise in strategy, engineering & design to tomorrow's business models.

Open Source Libraries used in Jetzy